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Let your data team be the first to know and tackle data issues.

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Can you trust your data?

Data teams worldwide encounter broken dashboards, faulty analytics, and poor-performing machine learning models because they don't know that data has gone wrong. The worst part is when businesses lose money by making decisions based on poor-quality data.

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Masthead is a 360° data observability platform

Masthead catches data anomalies in data warehouses in real time utilizing machine learning, without data ever leaving its environment.

Your team is the first to know about data anomalies

Not only do we send instant alerts about data errors; you also see what and where went wrong and what reports are at risk because of the error.

Masthead has you covered

Masthead is a data observability platform that helps you trace and inspect data lineages across your entire data environment. It empowers data teams to detect and address data quality issues before they make their way into reports and harm the business. Masthead keeps you instantly informed about what is happening in the data warehouse and where the root cause of the data anomaly lies. You can get all that in minutes compared to hours of manual analysis. Masthead turns your data into a trusted asset for your company.


Security-first architecture

Data security matters. Rest assured that the data never leaves its original environment.

Seamless, no-code onboarding

Get an out-of-the-box solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure and technology stack.

End-to-end coverage

Get a single, integrated view of your company’s data quality and health across all data team’s environments and BI tools.

Streamlined data governance

Free yourself from manual data troubleshooting while staying on top of the data with real-time alerts on data errors.

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